Do you want to become an image consultant, do you like fashion, but you do not feel confident to enter this market because you do not have sufficient knowledge of the vast universe of the fashion industry?

Know that this is a normal feeling for many future image consultants who do not have a thorough knowledge of all the words and concepts that surround this world. It is not a source of concern.

We have prepared 4 suggestions to expand your knowledge in this area:

1 – Have a multidisciplinary perspective

Broaden your perspective and search for news in various fields and segments. This will make it easier to understand the universe as a whole and understand its connections and implications. Plus, the reading will be more organic and authentic, and you can build your own personal perspective from what you read.

2 – Research on the history of fashion

Research the history of fashion, analyse the past and seek to understand the inspirations of great designers and big names in fashion. Learn about the history of brands and the process of building their parts and models. In addition, establish relationships between moments, references, schedules and design elements.

3 – Expand your vocabulary

Don’t use cliché words and arguments. Reading is a good habit to expand your vocabulary and enrich your speech, but it is important that you build your own dictionary according to your logic.

If you prefer, use visuals, take notes, record audios, in short, choose the shape of your preference and expand your fashion repertoire. Make research and study a habit in your life!

4 – Stay up to date

Fashion and the world are changing all the time. Therefore, updates are essential and necessary to have a wide fashion repertoire.

Find the way that best suits your lifestyle, be persistent and make a difference in your area.

Remember that improvement is a friend of safety and knowledge!

Hope you enjoyed the advice. How about putting them into practice today?