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Our way of doing things

Thinking differently is the first step to be different.

At the school, we don’t follow fixed formulas, that’s what motivates us to get things moving, to innovate.

We think of methodologies and courses which enhance the career of image consultancy, by developing ways of deconstructing the superficial and by showing that our role goes much further than just clothing.

As a school, we encourage businessmanship and support each student through the challenges they will have to face once they are fully trained.

We don’t teach ways of classifying people, we develop tools so that our consultants become protagonists in a world of profiling and multiple behaviors.

Our way of teaching is different because it’s in our DNA to put fixed models into question, and work with what we believe in.


Spirit which stimulates innovation

We have always wished to have a positive impact on people’s lives. We are a way of promoting this movement with each consultant who believes in our philosophy. It inspires us to be better, and all the improvements and innovations that we promote at the school stem from it. We hope to create change, because we are passionate about what we do.


Deconstruct the superficial


“To be is to dress”, this is what has guided us up until now and it’s the origin of the foundation of the school. Since then, this inspiration is reinforced every day. What interests us is the understanding of human behavior, and what attracts us is the boundary between the being and the appearing through image. Our form is a consequence of how we feel, and this is what we encourage with each trained consultant: the mission of connecting with people with their inner selves.

It’s not just about image, but knowledge of yourself and seizing the confidence which that gives us.


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