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Discover how to grow your community and how social networks can transform your business & communication. Learn the fundamentals of Instagram and start your journey into social media successfully.


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Around 3 billion people worldwide use some form of social it became a huge phenomenon and societal influence in the last decade. This workshop will allow you to get a solid foundation for starting on Instagram. You’ll discover how to increase and to create engaging content to connect with your community and enhance your business and brand.

This workshop consists of 1 video conference training session of 3hours.


  • Influencers on Instagram
  • Personal branding: define your username
  • How to write an impactful & professional biography that will reflect your brand
  • Writing Content: express your personality and create interactions with your followers
  • Increase your visibility, create proximity with your followers by using Stories
  • How to get more followers
  • How to create your media kit
  • Other social networks – FB, TikTOk, LinkdIn…- in the Influencer’s profession.

When would you like to start ?

Start straight away and learn at your own pace. Simply click on BOOK Now button and select a course date that works for you.

What will you achieve?

 By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

  • Communicate easily using Instagram’s tools
  • Promote your business to future customers
  • Succeed in obtaining partnerships and contracts with brands
  • Value your brand, value your uniqueness
  • Increase your community

Who is this course for?

This course is for those seeking to launch their Instagram profile or anyone with a creative or artistic interest or career path.No prior experience or qualifications required.

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Report of professional project

Report of professional project

Report of professional project


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or 3 interest-free instalments of £35

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If after participating at the first distance training videoconference session, you consider that you have chosen the wrong school, that you have not made the right choice to make your projects a reality, that the program or even our philosophy did not suit you; It’s simple, you give us the course materials as well as all the material we have given you and we will send you a full refund of the sums you have paid; without any other condition.


Internet access is essential in order to follow the course in video conference. Once your contract is signed, you will benefit from personal access to our video platform for an unlimited time.

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