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In order to satisfy the client, the image consultant must be skilled. That is why ESR offers professional training programs.

People who like contact with others and have good communication skills are able to succeed in becoming an image consultant. Availability, patience and respect for the client’s choices are equally necessary. Being organized, having a creative spirit and a passion for fashion and the latest trends are also important qualities to have in this domain. Careers in image consultancy are currently in expansion, and this field is becoming more widely acknowledged. It is therefore the perfect time to launch a career in this industry.

Professional Opportunities

Image Consultant

Personal Stylist

Personal Shopper

Fashion Consultant

Sale Event Advisor

Corporate Image Consultant

Complete Freedom of Practice

Once you have gained your diploma, you will have complete freedom to practice the profession in the format of your choice: starting a business, as an employee, freelance etc. Your training, your experience and your notoriety will play a determining role in your salary. You can earn from 2000 euros per month, to between 6000 and 7000 euros. The most important thing is to master this area before offering your services.

What our students say about us

" The teachers provide the best E-learning session, you can feel right away they have the skills and background. I am most impressed the coach could remember the profile student at all the time even if they are dealing with 100 persons.They are keen and enthusiastic to teach and coach the best training. I highly recommend that School "

Niki Bauret

" I have just finished my training @ESR and I really recommend that school. All the teachers are highly-experienced and they share their expertise with much passion and a very good educational approach. Their inclusive values make them the best Image Consultant Training so far! I am excited to start my new career and very grateful to ESR which allowed me to make it real "

Marie Roux

" I am lucky to be able to learn a profession that I like. I do online training because I am at high school and it is for me ideal. I adore all the team of this school everyone is listening to us there is an exceptional communication that allows us to never be lost or in the blur and I find that the modules are extremely complete. I love this school, I recommend it with my eyes closed "

Manon Gui

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