Entrepreneurship In Crisis Time 

Entrepreneurship In Crisis Time 

United Kingdom facilitates & promotes entrepreneurship. People aspire to be their own boss and self-employment has been a growing part of the labour market for most of the last 30 years.

As image consulting experts, we are aware that fashion, style and image are a huge niche market that allows many people to work for themselves.

Being an image consultant in this lockdown’s time is an opportunity. Indeed the schedule flexibility, the range of services available online & the freedom of working remotely are priceless. Whilst having the privilege of helping people boosting their self esteem, emotional health & well being through this time of uncertainty.

The pandemic we are going through will have an impact on consumers behaviors. As an entrepreneur it’s important to be prepared and follow some guidelines.

Use & abuse of social media: 

One of the option is to use social media in order to maintain your audience and conquer new customers. During the lockdown people tend to use mainly Facebook and Instagram to communicate, socialize, buy and sell. Entrepreneurs in all segments need to use digital tools to engage with their audience or start new businesses.

It is essential to remember that many corporate meetings are now held by videoconference. Your clients could take advice on how to appear in front of screens without compromising their image.

Develop online sales: 

Some image consultants, in addition of their usual services, sell & rent garments and accessories to their clientele. Others also offer their services to boutiques in order to push & increase sales.

Follow new paths: 

The crisis may lead us to seek new paths and specializations.  Fashion, for instance, is always an attractive market full of possibilities. One of them is to get access to training The knowledge acquisition always increase competences, professionalism and opens up new job opportunities.

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