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    223 Regent Street, Mayfair, London, W1B 2QD, United Kingdom


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    Personal Styling Challenge:

    3 Free Workshops

    Take your aspiring or current career to the next level and learn from the best experts in the industry.

    3 sessions designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to keys elements for success as a personal stylist.

    Day 1 – Saturday 01/04 – 10 am (London time)

    SUCCESS MINDSET – Develop the mindset and attitude necessary to thrive in this career.

    Day 2 – Sunday 02/04 – 5 pm (London time)
    MARKET & OPPORTUNITIES – Learn about the current market trends and opportunities for personal stylists.

    Day 3 – Monday 03/04 – 6 pm (London time)
    MARKETING – Identify, find and attract your ideal client and build a successful business.

    Don’t miss out this opportunity!


    223 Regent Street Mayfair, 

    London W1B 2QD, UK


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