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Learn and master the fundamentals of fashion & styling

Our Fashion and Styling Courses are 100% online programs that will build the confidence you need to enter professionally into the world of fashion

World’s leading image consulting school based in London. We train the next generation of personal stylists

ESR London - Fashion and Styling Courses - From Culture to Style




From Culture to Style

Discover Fashion as both a cultural phenomenon and a creative industry. Learn with us to deepen your understanding of its impact through art, culture and style

16 h 

ESR London - Fashion and Styling Courses - Psychology of Fashion


Psychology of Fashion

Discover the psychological significance of  clothing, accessories and the power of fashion as a mean of communication

16 h

ESR London - Fashion and Styling Courses - Luxury Fashion Business


Luxury Fashion Business

Learn the basics of luxury, stand out from the crowd and successfully communicate. Find out how you can incorporate luxury-level customer service in your fashion business as well

16 h

ESR London - Fashion and Styling Courses - Inclusive Fashion


Inclusive Fashion

Upcoming Soon

16 h

Why pursue one of our fashion and styling courses?

Our fashion and styling courses are short learning programs 100% online to suit your lifestyle. You will study about the fashion industry from different angles and perspectives and deepen your styling skills

Diploma Courses

Become a certified Image Consultant & Personal Stylist


Fast track your dream career as a Personal Stylist


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Does my course lead to a certified Diploma?

Your ESR short course & workshop will lead to a certificate which is certified by ESR LONDON Online as part of ESR LONDON. However it’s different than your ESR Image Consulting Diploma courses which will all lead to a diploma which is certified by ESR LONDON and accredited by the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) Level 6 in EUROPE by Ministerial decree on 9th January 2015, published in the Official Journal on 30th January 2015.


how my learning will be structured?

Learning on ESR short courses & workshops is modular. You can start the course at any time once you’ve completed payment, so you won’t have to wait to join a class or group. You will automatically join the ESR LONDON community for group webinars delivered by ESR LONDON experts and the ESR Alumni to join conversations with other ESR students worldwide network. 


When will the webinars be held?

Webinars will be held in UK time (GMT), usually at time slots that suit most international time differences (where possible), e.g. 12:00 GMT.  Webinars will operate via Zoom software.  You will be sent details of how to log onto the software to access your selected webinar in good time.  If you miss a webinar, or are unable to attend the webinar in live time don’t worry.  All of them are recorded and can be watched back ‘as live’ at a time that suits you via a link provided.

What our students say about us

" The teachers provide the best E-learning session, you can feel right away they have the skills and background. I am most impressed the coach could remember the profile student at all the time even if they are dealing with 100 persons.They are keen and enthusiastic to teach and coach the best training. I highly recommend that School "

Niki Bauret

" I have just finished my training @ESR and I really recommend that school. All the teachers are highly-experienced and they share their expertise with much passion and a very good educational approach. Their inclusive values make them the best Image Consultant Training so far! I am excited to start my new career and very grateful to ESR which allowed me to make it real "

Marie Roux

" I am lucky to be able to learn a profession that I like. I do online training because I am at high school and it is for me ideal. I adore all the team of this school everyone is listening to us there is an exceptional communication that allows us to never be lost or in the blur and I find that the modules are extremely complete. I love this school, I recommend it with my eyes closed "

Manon Gui

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