École Supérieure de Relooking offers a diploma registered under RNCP Level – 6

RNCP Level 6

Equivalent to the Bachelor Degree

The title of Consultant in Communication by Developing Image is registered under the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) Level 6, by Ministerial decree on 9th January 2015, published in the Official Journal on 30th January 2015.

The quality of the training and professional qualifications at the École Supérieure de Relooking is renowned for being of the highest level.

The RNCP Certification Level 6 is an important criteria of professional legitimacy

It responds to a real need of professionalisation and allows the recognition of a high level of skills and training.

Each registration in the RNCP is subject to an order in the Official Journal. Each certification is described in terms of targeted activities and evaluated skills.
This description is in line with the European document ‘Europass’ and is published on the RNCP portal.

Choosing to study with ESR London will give you access to the highest certification level existing in the UK

Registered RNCP certifications are sorted this way:

Level 1

GCSE (grades D, E, F or G) Level 1 NVQ

Level 2

GCSE (grades A*, A, B or C) Level 2 NVQ

Level 3

A level, Level 3 NVQ, International Baccalaureate diploma

Level 4

Higher national certificate (HNC), Certificate of higher education (CertHE)

Level 5

Higher national diploma (HND), Diploma of higher education (DipHE), Level 5 NVQ

Level 6

Bachelor’s degree, Graduate diploma, Level 6 NVQ

Delivered by ESR London

Level 7

Master’s degree, Integrated master’s degree, Level 7 NVQ

Level 8

Doctorate or PhD

This structuring and clarification desired by the state, through official recognition, accompanies the sustainability of your activity.

The fact that a training program is registered under the RNCP, means that it has been studied, evaluated, recognised and therefore certified by the ‘Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle’ (CNCP).

This commission is composed of representatives of employers who are not dependent on the economic activity of the considered training. The certifications of professional qualification are classed in the RNCP by field of activity and by level.

The recording is pronounced after the evaluation and validation of the following fundamentals:
•  The coherence and quality of the skill benchmarks with the qualification objectives aimed by the certification;
•  The opportunity of the existence of the certification in the employment market;
•  The relevance of the evaluation system with the APEL.

This title is accessible by the APEL.


Diploma Courses

Become a certified Image Consultant & Personal Stylist 

Standard Personal Styling Diploma


Standard Personal Styling Diploma


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Advanced Personal Styling Diploma


Advanced Personal Styling Diploma


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Master Personal Styling Diploma

Online • Onsite

Master Personal Styling Diploma


Instalment payment available

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