How do I find my colours season?

How do I find my colours season?

Have you ever read articles or articles about colour matching and been intrigued by it? Would you like to know what your colour season is, but you don’t know how? Until a decade ago, some people were aware of the importance of colour on the face, and it is mainly image consultants and colour specialist who take an interest in it and explain it to their clients. .

Today, however colour analysis has become a trend in our country and, as often happens, when a subject or discipline (as in this case) is rapidly gaining popularity, there is a proliferation of publications, so-called specialists and services offered. As in the United States and other countries around the world, there are also software and apps that promise to reveal the season of colours. In this jungle, how do you know who to turn to?

How to find your way around the colour analysis sector? How do you identify your colour season?

First of all, we would like to point out that software and automated applications currently on the market are unreliable in determining the season.


The world of colour is a complex field where disciplines and sciences such as colorimetry, colour theory, optics, physics, neuroscience, psychology and art meet. The experience and expertise of a professional in this field are irreplaceable.

Thinking about self-analysis through an app or software or after reading an article or a single manual is a bit like thinking that you can make a medical diagnosis on your own by reading information online. Of course, if the medical diagnosis is wrong, the consequences can be very serious, whereas in the case of colour, if the colour analysis is wrong, you run the risk (only ?!) of upsetting your guard- dress. with the wrong colours and penalising it. But the principle is the same.

The first piece of advice, therefore, is: Avoid doing “do it yourself” and go to an experienced professional.


Turning to a professional is always the best choice. But how do you recognise an expert from a poorly trained or improvised analyst? It is not an easy task to recognise the skills of a consultant in an area such as colour matching, which we as consumers may not know much about. There are some very good and well prepared consultants and others who really improvise and it is not always easy to tell them apart, but you can start from the following aspects:

Preparation and training: where did the analyst train? When? how long did the training last? Is your training recognised by an external body (by a certification body or the International Association of Image Consultants)? Or does it simply issue a certificate of attendance without effective verification of the skills acquired? If the analyst is self-taught, is he a benchmark for his many years of experience, number of clients and publications? When carrying out an analysis, does he give detailed and in-depth explanations of the reasons for his choice and is he didactic in his follow-up, or does he set himself up as a guru without explaining himself carefully?


Colour analysis is not universal, and there is no one method or approach – there are many. Some methods are approved and effective, with a solid foundation in colour theory, others are more imaginative. When you talk to an expert, you can ask them what method they use to perform their colour analysis and why they think this method is better than the others.

If he has learned only one method, he will not be able to answer coherently and will give incomplete answers (for example “because he is famous”, “because it is the method of Titius or of Caius “). If, on the other hand, he is a well-documented gunsmith, he will be able to explain to you why he chose a particular method among the many existing methods. And it will also allow you to understand if the explanations and the illustrated method convince you and seem trustworthy.


Colour analysis requires the ability to identify facial colours and their characteristics in order to reproduce them harmoniously in the colours to be used. To do this, you need – obviously knowing what the characteristics of a colour are and how to distinguish them, their components or their dimensions (like hue and temperature, saturation, brightness, value, etc.) – to know identify the level of each characteristic colour for each colour element of the face (iris, skin tone, eyebrows, hair), for example, being able to distinguish on a scale of 1 to 10 the value (or lightness) of the skin, in a temperature scale, skin tone, etc. Identify which colours m correspond to the values ​​and levels of colour characteristics (this is done in most cases by means of a comparative fabric test). Based on the results of the previous point, establish a set of colours that reproduce the same characteristics as the personalised item (this step is often made up of the so-called seasonal colour palette).

It is obvious that if we consider at least 3 characteristics of colour (value, temperature and saturation, but we could name others), the 4 main elements of the face (eyes, skin, eyebrows and hair) and for each characteristic one establishes that one could have at least 3 levels (for example cold, neutral and hot for the temperature), but it would be better to be more detailed, it is obvious that the possible combinations are in reality much, much more than the 4, 12 or 26 colour stations of the different best known methods. Within a colour station there will certainly be a number of people who may differ from each other in one or more characteristics and not all of them will be 100% enhanced by the standard colour scheme.

So if you want to make sure you get a list of colours that really stand out, it is best to hire a professional to perform a personalised, individualised colour analysis (if you want to know how our consultants specialise in custom analysis, don’t hesitate to let us know contact!). in this case, all the colours in your palette will be correct and the consultant will also explain how to match them and how to choose the patterns and prints that suit you!


Dressing in palettes and just following harmony in your clothing choices is not very helpful. Each colour has a psychic, emotional, symbolic and communicative impact on those who look at it.

In short, a colour “speaks” and “communicates” both to those who see us and to ourselves who wear it.

Therefore, it is important to be assisted by a professional who is able to identify the colours that strengthen our personal identity, but who is also able to tell you how to choose the colours that express our identity and help us achieve our goals. Communication. Choosing the colour is not only a question of logic and rationality, choosing the colour is also a question of emotion and feeling.



Do you want to turn your passion for fashion and self-esteem into a profession? The image consulting market is only growing today.

In an increasingly fast-paced and changing world, what we can perceive about a person within seconds has become extremely important. In the era of the digitalisation of communication, the weight of verbal communication would be less and less important. It is in this context that the growth of the image consulting market is situated. To feel beautiful is also to see yourself beautiful. And show off. In this age of picture, expert advice on being the best version of yourself is increasingly sought after!

The purpose of the image consultant is to enhance the image of an individual, a brand or a company. He supports his client in relation to his image, restores his confidence and self-esteem. According to a study conducted by Createst, out of 4,000 people surveyed, 79% would be willing to pay for such a service.

To work on your image with an expert is to be in harmony with yourself, it is to gain confidence, to be more confident and to bring out your unique personality. It’s also a way to better communicate with others by sending the right message! The communication sector and professions through image enhancement are currently booming. These professions have never been so trendy, however, there are still few structures sufficiently developed to recruit these new profiles.

It is therefore essential for future consultants to be graduates and thus take part in the development of this sector: today’s graduates will become the leaders of the profession of tomorrow. It is therefore essential that their training organisation gives them the basics to get started in their business. This involves both a specific program to acquire the technical skills of the trade, but also personalised support for the project, throughout the duration of the training as well as after graduation.

The image consultant must master many disciplines: he can advise his clients on colorimetry, morphology, clothing style, hairstyle, make-up, fashion and trends but also provide advice on the mastery of verbal and non-verbal communication ( gestures, posture, etc.). All this while mastering its support through coaching techniques.

He must also meet criteria in terms of human quality (courtesy, thoroughness, attentiveness, etc.). Beyond their professional skills, the image consultant must highlight some of these qualities to differentiate themselves from the competition.

To succeed in this new profession, you have to diversify as much as possible your clientele (individuals and companies) and your activities (by also offering the sale of products for example), acquire a good reputation, make yourself known by all means: the profession is as much commercial as technical.

If the professions of the communication sector by enhancing the image have been booming for some time. These professions, which were still struggling a few years ago to be recognised as such, are now enjoying unprecedented enthusiasm.

If this job interests you and you want to do it seriously, do not hesitate to contact us! Our courses offer international certification (RNCP Level 2 in France / Level 6 in Europe – Bachelor equivalent), this title makes us the school with the best level of learning recognised by the State in the sector of Image Consulting.

So, are you ready for a career in image consulting?

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How to become a personal stylist? 5 tips to start your career

How to become a personal stylist? 5 tips to start your career

First let’s start to define the difference between an image consultant and a personal stylist?

The personal stylist is characterised by the one-off action in the image. It is an isolated and brief action that consists of choosing suitable clothes, taking the client to a hairdresser and makeup artist, perfecting the client’s appearance, for an event or simply for the purpose of responding to his desire.

The image consultant profession is oriented towards individual development; by deeply studying the client’s personality, but also the lifestyle and professional life. Understanding the image goals in both areas and develop them through colour analysis, body shapes, verbal & non verbal communication, styles representation etc… And then applying all of this to the visual identity (by the use of clothing and accessories).

As an image consultant you will also be able to work as personal stylist, the range of jobs opportunities are wider than just becoming personal stylist…

Have you ever thought about becoming an image consultant? Know that this profession is developing more and more in the world. In addition to being a promising activity, it offers flexible hours, different types of activities and the possibility to provide assistance online, in person, individually or in groups.

But, how do you really start this career? Read on and discover 5 tips that will make you more confident and self-confident when entering the image consulting market.

1.Invest in a good training

In the image consulting market, it is common to find courses that offer quick and easy solutions to the trade. The web has a multitude of offers and it is difficult to understand what is really consistent.

Anyone who thinks that a career in image consulting is all about “personal good taste” is wrong. To become an image consultant in addition to using the appropriate techniques and methodologies, it requires a lot of study and commitment.

Therefore, invest in serious and thorough training, with recognised certification, experienced teachers and a methodology that will truly prepare you for the job market

2.Adopt an entrepreneurial attitude

From the moment you decide to become an image consultant, you must adopt an entrepreneurial attitude of performance. In addition to managing your career, you will also be responsible for managing your customer service, attracting your customers, the results of your services, and the reputation of your business. Even if you don’t have employees, seeing yourself as an entrepreneur can expand your possibilities.

But do not worry. Contrary to what many people think, you don’t have to be “born” entrepreneur. Anyone can develop the skills needed to be successful. Therefore, do not limit yourself to finding content related only to the image consulting business. Research entrepreneurship knowledge, read, attend events, and apply for your new career.

3.Use social networks

Use social media to your advantage. They are great allies in the dissemination and visibility of your new business. With a small investment in social media, it is possible to attract new customers and legitimise your business on the internet.

Prepare a content schedule, stand out from the crowd, form partnerships and use all available resources: images, videos and texts. Showcase your services, create campaigns, test, observe, collect feedback from your followers and analyse the market via social media. They are the best way to leverage your business.

4.Get to know yourself and make use of your difference as an image consultant

In the career of image consulting, as in so many other fields, it is important to focus on your core skills, to discover your differences, and thus to value your work. By discovering that in the midst of so many possibilities for action, it is possible to find that niche that will showcase its full potential, in addition to encouraging you, it will give you that energy not to give up.

Do you already know yourself well enough to be able to list your main skills and apply them in the practice of image consulting? If so, you can get started now!

For example, if you like to talk in a group and work with several people at the same time, meetings with retail groups and workshops for women can be more promising and enjoyable formats for your consultations.

On the other hand, if you like and are used to the business environment, you can think of image consulting service packages that can be carried out within these spaces.


In the career of image consulting, practice is essential to consolidate learning and knowledge about the trade. Analysing colours, observing styles, training in active listening, empathy, respect and not judgment, are fundamental practices for success and asserting oneself in the field.

So practice a lot. With friends, family, acquaintances, review, test and adjust. Don’t wait or procrastinate with practice. Even with fear, uncertainty, and insecurity, start. It is very important that you practice during your learning and personal development process.

Familiarise yourself with the domain, participate in professional meetings, exchange ideas with those already active and present on the market and try your luck! Make this happen and understand that, like in any other profession, it takes patience to build a stable and solid career.

The important thing to be a successful image consultant is that you enjoy working with people and understand that, through fashion, you will contribute to the personal and professional development of everyone.

Image Consulting in sustainable fashion

Image Consulting in sustainable fashion

Sustainability is a theme that impregnates our daily life in many aspects and areas. In fact, a revolution is needed in sustainable fashion and in various economic sectors to ensure the survival of the planet’s natural resources.

Ecologically and economically sustainable, socially and culturally diverse ideas, strategies and attitudes also give rise to so-called sustainable fashion.

The fashion industry and the economy, although at a slow pace, are rethinking their production system, with consumers increasingly demanding and sensitive to the issue of sustainability, the industry must adapt to new forms of consumption. It is a fact that this movement and the cultural and global needs demand new ways of doing things and oblige to rethink the processes of the different professions and services.

This, in addition to innovations in existing fields, ends up offering us new professions and new opportunities.

In the field of image consulting, new services and proposals are emerging which align and adapt to this new demand for sustainable fashion.

But what can the sensitive image consultant wish on the subject, in order to propose a new way of consuming?
The image consultant can help his client lead a more sustainable lifestyle:

1. The creation of a “capsule” collection that can be easily combined with each other, allowing the creation of multiple looks with a reduced number of clothes and a minimalist wardrobe, thus avoiding excessive consumption, without experiencing the feeling of being “always dressed the same way”.

2. Support towards a better knowledge of yourself, your tastes and needs, your personality and your goals, this awareness translates into a more conscious choice of clothes and accessories which inevitably leads you to resist to the calls of fast fashion and more reasonable consumption practice. We only buy what really makes sense and reflects our personality and needs.

3. The possibility of reusing old items, discovering them with the eyes of a professional and giving them a new life. Recycling is also an interesting “sustainable fashion” option that the image consultant can offer to his client. However, parts to throw away, in good condition (or because they no longer make sense, do not fit) can be given to charity shop. Often times, people who are not familiar with image consulting think it is giving away your entire wardrobe and buy more…but in fact there is buying less in the image consulting process. It is even an advantage for the client not to have to buy during and after an image consulting session.

But if necessary and when the customer wishes to buy new parts, the purchase being well thought out and privileging the versatile parts for their durability, as well as the longevity of the production process, the image consultant specialised in sustainable fashion can target more ethical, fair and eco-sustainable brands, bringing real added value to its customers.

If each of us, in our daily habits and in our trades and professions, implements a more sustainable and prudent behaviour and attitude, in a world of more than 7 billion people, we could really make a difference!

Buy Less, Choose well, Make it last! 


Fast fashion & consumption: current changes and needs. 

Fast fashion & consumption: current changes and needs. 

The pandemic is known to have had a negative impact on fast fashion & retailing, affecting sales of several products in physical stores with record declines. At the same time, the clothing and accessories business of many brands began to operate more successfully via the Internet; and there has been a noticeable growth in local commerce with the flexibility of lockdown. The latter, far from the hustle and bustle of urban centers, offered more security and convenience to customers.

These aspects invite us to reflect on the effects of COVID-19 on fast fashion & consumers behaviour. Although we have lived with negative opinions which decreed the end of fashion at the start of the pandemic, since the deprivation of social cohabitation made it impossible to use many elements of our wardrobe and therefore deconstructed many. The sensory codes attributed to it, the signs of recovery in retailing give us other perspectives, which we will discuss below.

The effects of the pandemic on fashion consumption behaviour

Investing in rooms better suited to the home office is an example of these effects. There are still those who seek the alliance of comfort and sophistication in new acquisitions, so as not to cause problems of credibility for the professional image itself, nor of physical discomfort in the long working days remotely.

Clothing, accessories and makeup worn on a daily basis and on conference calls were frequently requested, showing that trend reports at the start of the pandemic which indicated minimal aesthetics, comfort and chic for these occasions were not wrong.

Revenge shopping, motivated by stress compensation for confinement, is also part of the effects of the current context. But their lifelong existence should be emphasised, as the pursuit of emotional relief often affects fashion consumer activities. The point is that this suppressed demand has generated benefits for the economy and for fashion retailing, which is showing signs of recovery in many countries.

However, some viewed such behaviour as extremely unnecessary and futile in the current scenario. These people have become very attached to the need for material detachment and are still getting rid of excess today. The sale of second-hand clothes, shoes and accessories, which supplies second-hand shops, is the result of all of this, besides the increase in the search for information on how to build a capsule wardrobe. .

The demand for second-hand items has also increased, which has led to the opening of new vintage online stores. The demand for sustainable fashion capable of minimising socio-environmental damage, which already existed before, has become even more important. To this same end, the hiring of image consultants, personal stylists and personal shopper has become more attractive and even a reality for many.

Demand for services and career transition in the image industry is growing

The restrictions imposed by the emergence of COVID-19 have not only had an impact on fashion consumption behaviour. For many, the moment has been the moment of resignation from their own identity and way of life, causing the need for image readjustment, whether on a personal, social and / or professional level.

Many find that using the services of a personal stylist, image consultant and personal shopper can offer invaluable advice in communicating image correlation strategies, creating directions in wardrobe reconstruction. and fashion consumption planning, in addition to an opportunity to experience greater self-knowledge and empowerment.

In addition, it is understood that these professionals are able to generate real savings in time and money, two very valuable advantages, especially in the current circumstances! Versatile solutions that make everyday clothing and accessories easier. If you are considering using these services in your area, or making a career transition, now is the right time to invest!

Text by Luiza Oliveira – Image Consultant and Personal Shopper trainer of our ESR Brazil unit.

How to embrace body shapes with image consulting?

How to embrace body shapes with image consulting?

Let’s talk about body shapes…

If you are an image consultant and you come up with a disruptive consulting process, you can’t go through the body shapes analysis stage without a – almost complete – deconstruction of how this service is traditionally done.

This is perhaps one of the most difficult steps for some clients. We are talking here of facing the real mirror, of managing what “can and cannot” dress, of imposed rules that question the beauty of bodies. Here we find the frustration of clients who “dream of wearing a crop top”, but who say they don’t have the ideal body for it. There are many pains and limitations that women have related to their bodies and the possibilities that clothing offers.

When the purpose of the counselling service is to go much further than dressing, guiding self-esteem and self-love, it is essential that everything be re-meant: tools used , approach and active listening. But, in addition, the main thing is to question the need for visual corrections and aesthetic balance for your client.

That’s right, dear consultant. If you wish to breathe new life into this focus, you must also leave aside aesthetic balance, the rules of “lengthening, increasing and decreasing”, and understanding the moment and the relationship of your client with the body silhouette itself. Encouraging them to accept themselves and allowing them to use the items they want, even if it is not the “standard indication” of their body shapes. This is the ideal path for this stage.

Body shapes: learn more about the ESR methodology.

At ESR, our methodology addresses the “mirror technique”. We eliminate the measure and, on the contrary, put our bodily positive band into play. In addition, we listen to the wishes of clients on the wearing of certain pieces, going beyond studies on body shapes. Starting with the teaching that in addition to dressing well, you must first love and accept yourself. We value the positives, deconstruct inaccessible bodies and do our best to deliver what was previously unimaginable for them. And this is our main achievement: a methodology that deconstructs the culture of the label, values ​​differences and reinforces personalisation.

When we choose to be a positive vehicle for transforming the lives of others, our performance begins to make more sense. Giving ourselves self-confidence and true client development is a never-ending road. It is not something easier, on the contrary, it requires a lot of study, dedication, tools and differentiated methodology.

It is a deconstruction and an acceptance which are above all ours. In practice, it’s even more rewarding. We are sure of it and we say it knowingly. ESR is always there to think differently, to do differently and to bring that look that matches our identity.

Discover to the link below to learn more about our online or face-to-face image consulting diploma courses.

Text Vandressa Pretto – Director ECOLE BRASIL

How to become an image consultant? 5 tips to start your career with confidence

How to become an image consultant? 5 tips to start your career with confidence

1 – How to become an image consultant and succeed in your career?

Invest in quality training, complete and with a methodology updated to market demands such as our Image Consulting Master Diploma Course. Another important point is that this courses offers you all the material included so that you can put the content into practice and meet your customers needs.

All of this, of course, without you incurring finance charges that were not planned.

In this case, we advise you to search on the courses of our School which is complete and has material exclusive.

2 – Have a professional support network and be in contact with consultants already active.

They can be great partners for your company, don’t see them as competitors. Have a support to heal all your
professional doubts are very important to you feel secure and find real support for your needs. AT ESR, we have
WhatsApp groups organized by region, with the presence of local ambassadors, experienced consultants, teachers
available for questions and many opportunities to be present. In addition, we offer a free monthly lesson with teachers, grouping students together to answer all doubts they can have. It’s like group mentoring, where you can learn even more with the doubts of colleagues or with the slightest need healed.

3 – Go to practice.

Maybe with family, friends, maybe trade in or charge an initial amount that you feel comfortable with. There’s no how to be an image consultant without “eye training”, “active listening” and so many other skills that require practice to perfect.
There is no way to be an image consultant who only learns theory!

4 – Act differently.

Offer your creative services, stay tuned to your request and work on your social networks. Do not offer just one type of
package or service. Think about different niches such as luxury. How can you operate in retail? What is to serve a group of women through a different dynamic? Think about it.

5 – Make partnerships.

Think about your network and think about the people to whom you can offer your services, or some of them.
Digital influencers whose audience is the same as you may be good partners. How about an exchange of disclosure advice?

This nutritionist you know, how can you partner with her, something different for the network of customers it already has? And the aesthetic you frequent? What can we offer these customers? Make a script via your calendar, your Instagram contacts and your card which are the professionals who best match your target audience and who, in return, they will have potential
customers for you. Book a coffee, talk about your ideas, be open to listen the needs and people’s pain and “_voilá_”!

A promising partnership can emerge during these meetings. It is important to think like an entrepreneur, because from the time you embark on a career as an image consultant, you takes over the “reins” of this new business, even if you are the only employee. And if you’ve never undertaken it, don’t worry, it’s still possible to learn.Roll up your sleeves, don’t be lazy and don’t letting fear stop you, these are great tips to help you on this career path.

At ESR, we offer support in all these stages. We are proud that the students who trusted us and start this incredible journey with us, can get all the help and encouragement they need and are working constantly in this growing market.

Good luck, good deeds and count on us!
Text write by Vandressa Pretto Director of ESR Brazil 

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Advanced Styling

Advanced Styling

Does expression of style decrease or become more pronounced with age? Many mature women can end up changing their style due to established labels that women over 60 can’t wear this or that, can’t have long hair, can’t let their hair gray, can’t wear tight clothes, etc. On the other hand, other women know very well how to assert their choices and “offer them” regardless of the opinions of others.

Baby boomer women are often experimenters, pioneers, they have already changed the world a lot (and continue to change). Their consumption habits and orientations are therefore innovative for this age group. Creating fashion for this niche is quite different, as the challenges start with modeling: the body keeps changing. Read shorter torso, enlarged waist, sharp spine curves, lower torso, and often limited movement for health reasons.

Thin and more sensitive skin also requires natural materials, preferably organic. Image and fashion consultants must be attentive to these changes if they are to serve this audience well.

Fabrics are also important points: quality, malleable fabrics, comfortable shoes, practicality when dressing and undressing must prevail. However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean the outfit is un styled.

Comfort yes, but with authenticity. The new seniors are a challenge for fashion, because they are demanding consumers, experienced and transformers of habits … After all, Baby Boomer has been transforming the world since the 1960s!

Cliché or not, we see that maturity and financial freedom allow these grandmothers to be themselves, let emerge the deepest aspects of themselves. The clothes have been a beautiful way of expressing to the world how beautiful, elegant, happy they feel in life, with themselves, with the choices they have made or still make today. More and more this generation, once “forgotten” by the fashion industry, by the youngest, is now integrating us into this wonderful world of knowledge, power, wisdom presented to us by advanced style.


4 tips to expand your fashion repertoire

4 tips to expand your fashion repertoire

Do you want to become an image consultant, do you like fashion, but you do not feel confident to enter this market because you do not have sufficient knowledge of the vast universe of the fashion industry?

Know that this is a normal feeling for many future image consultants who do not have a thorough knowledge of all the words and concepts that surround this world. It is not a source of concern.

We have prepared 4 suggestions to expand your knowledge in this area:

1 – Have a multidisciplinary perspective

Broaden your perspective and search for news in various fields and segments. This will make it easier to understand the universe as a whole and understand its connections and implications. Plus, the reading will be more organic and authentic, and you can build your own personal perspective from what you read.

2 – Research on the history of fashion

Research the history of fashion, analyse the past and seek to understand the inspirations of great designers and big names in fashion. Learn about the history of brands and the process of building their parts and models. In addition, establish relationships between moments, references, schedules and design elements.

3 – Expand your vocabulary

Don’t use cliché words and arguments. Reading is a good habit to expand your vocabulary and enrich your speech, but it is important that you build your own dictionary according to your logic.

If you prefer, use visuals, take notes, record audios, in short, choose the shape of your preference and expand your fashion repertoire. Make research and study a habit in your life!

4 – Stay up to date

Fashion and the world are changing all the time. Therefore, updates are essential and necessary to have a wide fashion repertoire.

Find the way that best suits your lifestyle, be persistent and make a difference in your area.

Remember that improvement is a friend of safety and knowledge!

Hope you enjoyed the advice. How about putting them into practice today?

Is the visagism just an aesthetic harmonisation?

Is the visagism just an aesthetic harmonisation?

Is the visagisme just an aesthetic harmonisation? What if I aim to achieve a disruptive image? Is aesthetic harmonisation the best way?

The word Visagisme comes from French and means Face. And maybe that’s why this term is often related only to face shapes and how to enhance or harmonise that shape through haircuts. No no no … it’s not make-up, it’s just hairstyles that match the aesthetic of the face. If so, we would wear the same haircut our entire life. The make-up is deeper and much more interesting.

Visagisme  is the art of creating a personal image that reveals the inner qualities of a person, according to their physical characteristics and the principles of visual language (harmony and aesthetics), using make-up, cut, colouring and hairstyle . , among other aesthetic resources (HALLAWELL, P.)

It was Fernand Aubry in 1936, famous French hairdresser and make-up artist, the first to carry out work in the concept he called visagisme. Through his work he has sought to show, emphasise and reveal the beauty of every woman. He said: “There is no woman without beauty, but beauties hidden and not revealed ”

It is important to emphasise that the visagisme is not a technique where one follows step by step and one obtains a sure and definitive result. Make-up is a concept that uses several techniques and the result is always unique and individual. A person may perform various assessments throughout their life and the outcome may be different as that person changes throughout their experiences. Your age, routine, friends, interests, preferences and tastes change and therefore this image cannot be projected. Neither should we build our image solely on looks and fashion trends.

So to answer our question up there, no, the visagisme is not just an aesthetic harmonisation. We can aim to create a creative, original and disruptive image. Is aesthetic harmonisation the best benefit of make-up work?

Therefore, it is important to answer the following questions before requesting an image change: Who am I? What image do I want?

A visagiste evaluation aims to build (or propose modifications / adjustments) a more adequate personal image with an aesthetic harmony and in accordance with the wishes of the client. The goal is to get to know the client and find out what they want to express based on their personal image, i.e. to create a personalised style that truly reflects their inner beauty.

A complete facial analysis involves:

1. Facial analysis – face shape, features and asymmetries to assess energy and aesthetic harmony

* Physical characteristics: lines and shapes of the face;

* Skin temperature, eye colour and hair colour;

2. Observe the dominant temperament: dynamic, calming, leading or organized

3. Who is the client (at this stage of life):

* Lifestyle

* Professional requirements

* Personal needs, objectives and preferences.

The suggested changes may involve changes in hair colour, cut and texture, makeup, eyebrow design, and accessories (glasses, earrings, etc.).

The main result of the make-up analysis is the self-knowledge of the client, who is the main character in the decisions on the changes and alterations he will bring to his image.

The professional who works with the visagiste concept comes closer and will know how to help his clients to reveal their true beauty and this does not follow the standards, because it is unique.

Love? Comment to let us know your thoughts…

Genderless Fashion

Genderless Fashion

For some time now, fashion shows have been showing a genderless fashion trend for both adults and children. The new generation demonstrates that gender does not determine the type of clothing and that any room can be both masculine and feminine. As a result, genderless fashion is on the rise and is taking place in all wardrobes. It’s a fashion that allows you to find your style in a comfortable and elegant way. Keep reading our article and learn more about it! Link in the bio

There is a paradigm shift in our understanding of what gender and sex mean, i.e. being able as a society to realize that in personality formulation these issues arise separately. Today we are experiencing a much broader reflection on gender studies, LGBTQ + activism (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestite and transgender, queer) and the theoretical feminist perspective. Therefore, all these questions eventually took off and brought new discourses. Celebrity style changes and genderless fashion.

The rupture of these concepts also happened with Coco Chanel. She was the first woman to dress and create feminine models using pants and blazers, in the early 20th century. From there, famous actresses like Marlene Dietrich, Katherine Hepburn, and Greta Garbo pioneered appearing in public in pants. At the time, Marlène Dietrich had even received a warning from the French police because women were not allowed to wear pants in public places.

It was in 1960 that unisex fashion emerged, where women adhered to short hair and costumes, but even so, male and female models still existed. Since then, the plays have become popular and the paradigms of gender ideology are deconstructed. In 2014, actress Angelina Jolie stole the show on the red carpet at the BAFTA (British Academy Film Awards) in London, wearing a blazer, dress pants, bow tie and high heels. Jaden Smith, son of actor Will Smith, adopted the dresses, finding a style of dress that promotes comfort and well-being. Artists like David Bowie, Kurt Cobain and Jared Leto have also ignited the media for adopting dresses and skirts in their wardrobes.

The important thing is freedom of dress and choice! The clothes are designed for people and not for men or women. In addition, each piece respects the individuality and peculiarity of the body and aims to offer comfort, in addition to bringing elegance to the look. Colours and patterns have no gender, and everyone creates their style with the color they prefer and with the room that suits them best. Let go of the concepts that definitively determine the masculine and feminine and just dress well, boosting self-esteem and making the daily routine easier. This is the proposition of genderless fashion

The power of colours and their combinations

The power of colours and their combinations

Did you know that the harmony of colours we use in our daily life can positively or negatively influence our personal image?

The harmony of colours concerns the combinations that we use in our accessories and outfits. We see it through the prints or the different colours of the items we combine.

Read on and find out how you can improve your personal image by choosing the colours that communicate the best and enhance your personality.

About colour harmony

Did you know that the harmony of colours is directly linked to the psychology of colours, its effects on people and its impact on what we communicate to others? It’s the famous non-verbal language.

But, how does the harmony of colours help in nonverbal communication?

Each colour has its meanings. But certain colours, when they are combined and mixed communicate something different. When we look at a person, unconsciously, one of the first things that affects us is the harmony of colours that she wears.

How do you perceive this impact?

For instance, we can identify a more elegant person, when she wears only one colour from head to toe, the famous “tone on tone”.

When we look at a person wearing opposite colours, like red and blue, it conveys the idea of ​​joy, energy and open mind.

People who use three or more extremely different colours in the same look manage to convey creativity and innovation. After all, you have to be bold to use this great mix of colours, right?

Colours with similar shades, such as orange and red, communicate femininity and youth. Several elements communicate our personal image.

When we combine the harmony of colours with clothing and accessories, we give more strength and communicate a more assertive image to what we want to express.

Therefore, it is important to consciously choose the elements and colours, to connecting your look to your personality!

This subject is dealt with in depth in our training in image consulting in the field of colours analysis. Interested in accessing our website and learning more?

Coaching benefits in the Image Consulting Process

Coaching benefits in the Image Consulting Process

Coaching is a personal development methodology, with a set of techniques that allow the individual to achieve his goals. It can be used in the most different fields and uses neuro linguistic programming techniques (NLP), positive psychology, action training, among others, always in a personalized way by adapting to each individual objective and belief. This is why SELF-KNOWLEDGE is one of the 5 advantages of coaching in the image consulting process.

In image consulting, coaching is a powerful ally because it helps us to obtain more in-depth information on the true objectives, beliefs and values ​​of the client. For this reason, ESR image consulting training goes far beyond creating a stylish look with the right colours. We work alos on the client’s personal development. When we realize that image can be a vector for instrumental transformation, we realize how coaching techniques can really improve the process in this direction.

Benefits of Coaching for Image Consulting

Among the advantages of coaching applied to image consulting, we work with:

SELF-KNOWLEDGE: the tools are conducive to self-knowledge. Thanks to effective questions and techniques, coaching brings questions that the client often does not ask, such as: their tastes, the analysis of their choices when dressing, their priorities.

SELF-ESTEEM: Gaining self-esteem, thanks to coaching techniques, also occurs in several ways. One is non-judgment – the basic premise of this methodology. The emphasis on the positive, the respect for the taste of the customer are also applied through the techniques, in a specific way, and which guarantee this advantage. By identifying the style and their tastes, the customer begins to see themselves as a unique person, without the external labels and thus begins to appreciate and understand what makes sense to them.

AUTONOMY: the coaching process encourages, through its techniques, autonomy, personal responsibility. Which in the end serves all aspects of our lives. It can be learned in image consulting, but in fact it affects all aspects of the lifestyle.

FOCUS ON THE OBJECTIVE: the whole coaching process is based on achieving a goal. In the case of image consulting, we can even have several. Of course, sometimes this definition of a goal is not simple, so it is accompanied by a process of self-knowledge.

We also consider that we do not build an image at random, or simply on the basis of external factors – like Fashion. Indeed it is important that your client is seen, perceived by others for what he really is and that he realizes the benefits on his lifestyle.

IN ACTION: Coaching strengthens us and provides us with guidelines for action. The movement of change, of action, allows us to feel a sense of accomplishment and ownership in transformation and improvement.

We have become agents of our image construction. And it is one of the coaching techniques in this process, often used. These are some of the results of the image consulting process, based on the coaching methodology.

Creating the image with coaching techniques means understanding that we are working with personal development, using clothing as a means of expression. This is why it is important to understand them well and master them in order to be able to apply them perfectly. In this process, our communication goes far beyond the verbal, and empathy and connection are essential. Therefore, the more the resources improve our performance in this regard, the better the results.

5 tips to build a real personal image while being true to your personality

5 tips to build a real personal image while being true to your personality

ESR thanks to image consulting and in-depth work, helps you to build
your personal image and translate who you really are through clothes.

To help you in this process, we have put together 5 tips:

Learn to listen to yourself and understand yourself.  What do you like, what are your values, what makes sense to you?  Think about who
you are in essence, what your personality translates of you.  It may
sound simple, but usually when we stop defining who we are, it takes a
long time, it might be unclear.  Try to draw your own conclusions.

Knowing who you are is the first step towards building a real,
authentic image, which really translates your personality.  In our
training, we use coaching techniques so that the client can enjoy
being herself.

Understanding the context
Separate your life from the different roles you have: at home, at work
but also as a Mother, as a spouse, as a friend. How is your life?
Your routine? Your social, professional environment?  Which values
​​are important?

What is your objective?
What would you like to communicate through your image?  What would you
let perceive from the first seconds?  What skills need to be revealed,
and what weaknesses would you prefer hiding?  Remember: your image
communicates, and getting the right message across is fundamental to
build your image.

Technical informations
Another important aspect of training. After all, how is this
non-verbal communication going? These are lines, shapes, colors,
textures, a combination of these designs, elements that speak for us,
through the image.

Consistency and maintenance
Pay attention to results, ask for feedback from people who live
together while making the necessary adjustments.  Being coherent in
both verbal and non-verbal communication are fundamental aspects to
solidify the projected image.

If we ignore who we are while building our personal image, we are
reflecting the wrong image, without credibility. This is because the
body language does not lie.  There is no point in communicate elegance
and intelligence, my gesture posture have to be in harmony to reflect

Another fatal error: when there is no correspondence between
non-verbal and verbal language.  This dissociation is the flaw of a
successful image.

This is why, once again: self-knowledge, the value of strengths, the
adaptation of the image. The importance of nor being in a
representation of yourself but to being in harmony with who you truly

Capsule Wardrobe as an alternative to Minimalism

Capsule Wardrobe as an alternative to Minimalism

Minimalism has arrived to spark a new lifestyle, showing that it is possible to have only what is necessary.  One way to achieve this is though a capsule wardrobe. The minimalist wardrobe is the new trend among people around the world who have managed to realize that to be elegant, it is possible to say no to consumerism.

Are you interested in the subject?  So read on and learn more about this new style of wardrobe and its relationship to fashion minimalist.

About the capsule wardrobe

The idea of the capsule wardrobe, or minimalist wardrobe as it is also called, is to have only timeless models and colors, combined with other seasonal pieces to allow perfect and trendy looks.

The best is to have key pieces that combine and reflect each other’s style. This trend has not really started yet but with the current global climate, it has never been so important to rethink consumerism.  What is essential and how we can optimize our wardrobe and make our lifestyle more practical.

What can we do to have a capsule wardrobe? In fashion, there are no rules that dictate what is right or wrong and the same goes for the minimalist wardrobe. Its purpose is to eliminate doubts about what to wear and to offer more conscious consumption.  Therefore, it should only contain pieces that are part of your style at the moment.

Before creating your new wardrobe, you need to do the following:

– get rid of everything in your old wardrobe that no longer corresponds to your new way of being;

 – organize your favorite clothes by season;

In addition, in this new consumption model, you only have to buy useful, necessary, durable and quality items. After that, it’s time to create some outfits.

Check out our tips:

  1. Know how to use colors
  2. Everyone has their favorite colors and those that best suit their personality.
  3. In the wardrobe capsule, this must be valued and prioritized.
  4. Remember that generally neutral tones such as black, white, grey, nude and navy blue combine with everything.
  5. Work on the harmony of colors, by selecting pieces of basic colors while complementing with more vivid colors.

Choose timeless

As we mentioned in the preamble, this new wardrobe model favors timeless pieces. So choose pieces, colors and prints that always go well together. We are aware that it is quite common to have doubts when selecting your items. To make it clearer, you can hire an image consultant or personal shopper to guide you through this process.

Now that you know the wardrobe capsule and that you have learned to use it daily, access to our website and to discover our specific courses for those who wish to go further.

Entrepreneurship In Crisis Time 

Entrepreneurship In Crisis Time 

United Kingdom facilitates & promotes entrepreneurship. People aspire to be their own boss and self-employment has been a growing part of the labour market for most of the last 30 years.

As image consulting experts, we are aware that fashion, style and image are a huge niche market that allows many people to work for themselves.

Being an image consultant in this lockdown’s time is an opportunity. Indeed the schedule flexibility, the range of services available online & the freedom of working remotely are priceless. Whilst having the privilege of helping people boosting their self esteem, emotional health & well being through this time of uncertainty.

The pandemic we are going through will have an impact on consumers behaviors. As an entrepreneur it’s important to be prepared and follow some guidelines.

Use & abuse of social media: 

One of the option is to use social media in order to maintain your audience and conquer new customers. During the lockdown people tend to use mainly Facebook and Instagram to communicate, socialize, buy and sell. Entrepreneurs in all segments need to use digital tools to engage with their audience or start new businesses.

It is essential to remember that many corporate meetings are now held by videoconference. Your clients could take advice on how to appear in front of screens without compromising their image.

Develop online sales: 

Some image consultants, in addition of their usual services, sell & rent garments and accessories to their clientele. Others also offer their services to boutiques in order to push & increase sales.

Follow new paths: 

The crisis may lead us to seek new paths and specializations.  Fashion, for instance, is always an attractive market full of possibilities. One of them is to get access to training The knowledge acquisition always increase competences, professionalism and opens up new job opportunities.

Take advantage of this time off to discover more about ESR LONDON’s online courses. Our Image Consulting training offers the highest market’s certification.

London Fashion News

London Fashion News

It is with great pride that I write our very first article for the launch of our image consulting school in London.

Welcome to the world ESR London!

A very special moment to start this adventure, at the heart of this emotional pandemic that is hitting us hard all over the world.

Hand in hand we watch the world of tomorrow shaping with a little apprehension but above all a lot of hope.

2020 is slowly becoming a pivotal step that will deeply mark the fashion industry but especially our souls, our hearts, our lives …

This is a good time to redefine our priorities, our objectives and then a great opportunity to reinvent ourselves.

In order to help you in this transition (and to see the life on the bright side of the stiletto) we will share in the next articles our expertise, our know-how but also the values ​​we cherish.

What about you? What would you do to become a more beautiful version of yourself?

Take care of yourself,

With Love ❤️