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An expertise established for 10 years

Since its creation in 2010, the school is in perpetual evolution and never ceases to develop new methodologies, uniting coaching techniques and the development of personal or professional image. Our unique method of training combines a rich program, practical training in real situations, support towards the realization of your goals and a membership in an active network of peers. Today, the school is established in many countries such as Brazil, Canada, Italy, India, Sweden, and has already brought together over 10,000 people across the globe, as well as participating in worldwide projects.



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Professional courses

Courses and training offered

By gaining an officially renowned qualification (RNCP Level 6 – Bachelor degree equivalent ), you will be qualified to obtain a position of executive or company manager.

The requirements and quality of the training offered at ESR LONDON will make you stand out in the market of image coaching.

In addition to the technical side of the trade, we bring you scenarios in real-life situations and we organize specific training for you: training days with clients and businesses, work experience in the bosom of image consultancy agencies…

Our program ‘Business Coaching’ offers you support in the structuring and implementation of your professional project.

We also offer you the possibility of further completing your skill set in your career by proposing new training programs throughout the year.

Guaranteed credibility 

Access to a professional network

Following the course, you possess a reference bank of key skills which give you the authority to intervene on a professional level with your clients.

Our training gives you access to the mastery of all dimensions of image coaching: as an individual, a collective and an organization.

Benefit from a network of peers with ‘ESR Alumni’ which lists professionals in image consultancy and helps you in the development of your business.

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