Did you know that the harmony of colours we use in our daily life can positively or negatively influence our personal image?

The harmony of colours concerns the combinations that we use in our accessories and outfits. We see it through the prints or the different colours of the items we combine.

Read on and find out how you can improve your personal image by choosing the colours that communicate the best and enhance your personality.

About colour harmony

Did you know that the harmony of colours is directly linked to the psychology of colours, its effects on people and its impact on what we communicate to others? It’s the famous non-verbal language.

But, how does the harmony of colours help in nonverbal communication?

Each colour has its meanings. But certain colours, when they are combined and mixed communicate something different. When we look at a person, unconsciously, one of the first things that affects us is the harmony of colours that she wears.

How do you perceive this impact?

For instance, we can identify a more elegant person, when she wears only one colour from head to toe, the famous “tone on tone”.

When we look at a person wearing opposite colours, like red and blue, it conveys the idea of ​​joy, energy and open mind.

People who use three or more extremely different colours in the same look manage to convey creativity and innovation. After all, you have to be bold to use this great mix of colours, right?

Colours with similar shades, such as orange and red, communicate femininity and youth. Several elements communicate our personal image.

When we combine the harmony of colours with clothing and accessories, we give more strength and communicate a more assertive image to what we want to express.

Therefore, it is important to consciously choose the elements and colours, to connecting your look to your personality!

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