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Julie Louas

Director of ESR London

Julie is sort of a Fairy Godmother, Frenchy with an accent as sharp as a knife…
Fashion, sense of aesthetics, elegance, refinement and know-how are part of her French heritage, what fascinates her more, is you!

She is a ball of positive energy, benevolent and full of empathy, who loves the challenges of succeeding together.
A rather successful career in management and several strings to her bow – Retail, Business Management & Luxe – allowed her to have a global approach to Fashion in order to give it a dimension that looks like her turned towards others.

In 2014, ESR Paris marks a decisive turning point in her career, her new skills in hand she is sailing towards new horizons to conquer London.
2 years later Fashion Moodz is born, a personal styling agency that provides luxury services to a worldwide Elite Clientele.
Armed with her experience as a true Londoner, she stepped into a new challenge next to Sophie…start an incredible journey by co-founding ESR London.

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