Zinah Nur Sharif

Zinah Nur Sharif

Being raised and having studied in three different countries (14 years in London, 9 years in Zürich, 6 years in the Middle East/ Gulf region) has allowed Zinah to naturally intertwine respectively unique cultures to form her own distinctive identity. 

She has travelled to 41 countries & 70 cities thus far. Building travel experiences and perspectives. This also allowed Zinah to gain adaptive proficiency, acknowledge changes and differences, and develop exceptional perspectives. 

Throughout her work history in the Fashion industry, she has demonstrated a natural drive and enthusiasm for work, with excellent presentation, analytical and communication skills. 

Her strengths include excellent research and analytical skills, specialising in communications, editorial and PR, with a National Press Award 2018 nomination from April 2019 for The Zirkus work. 


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