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Master Personal Styling Diploma

Enrol on our Master Personal Styling Diploma course, the ultimate training program to get a wide array of skills, experience and network to fast track your career as an image consultant


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Personal Styling is growing at a phenomenal pace. This industry is not only exciting, but it has a lot to offer in terms of career opportunities.

Image consultant & personal stylist can choose to become entrepreneurs and work independently to conduct workshops, deliver seminars and provide services to individuals, corporates and clients. Or to join the fashion industry with an invaluable array of skills to stand out.

The Master Personal Styling Diploma course involves a comprehensive process of guiding, mentoring, training and educating people on how best to express their true self through appearance, behaviour and communication to make a powerful impact on others.

This course is made up of 20 modules with: 4 sessions of  Visio Group Conference, 5 days of face-to-face lessons at school. Each month you will have 1 weekend at school which will be followed by weeks of tutorials at home.

Full access to our E.learning plateform mixing videos, practice scenarios and evaluation questions. This part of the course spreads over 6 months.


Consultant in Communication by the Development of Image.

Important: The exam day takes place at ESR Paris once the entire course has been completed


Image Coaching Market

Discover the history of image consulting: exploration and potential of the current market, its figures and trends)

Image Coaching

Face-to-face learning + E.Learning
Inseparable from our business, to adopt the right posture and the right tools essential in your future client support.


You will learn everything about materials: effect of materials, prints, harmonies, learn to make the right associations et recommendations.

Body Shapes & Complexes Management

Video Conf + E.Learning
Learn how to determine a woman or man body shapes by enhancing the silhouette and offer solutions to the complexes expressed by your future clients.

Men’s Styling

Face-to-Face + E.Learning
Become a men’s style expert; analyse the style ambition of your client in order to offer him the ideal clothing advice)

Colours Analysis

Face to Face + E.Learning
The use of colours is fundamental in the whole process of image consultancy. Colors communicate and have a strong power of influence.

Women’s Styling

Face-to-Face + E.Learning
Study of the 9 women socio-styles and their decryption in order to express the client’s personality through clothes.

Personal Shopping

Face-to-Face + E.Learning
A day of putting things into practice in order to know how to scout the shops and accompany your client for a personal shopping session.

Wardrobe Edit

Learn how to sort and optimise a wardrobe, according to the client’s objective, colours diagnostics and body shapes achieved in advance.


The cosmetology module will allow you to acquire the skills to determine a skin type, its specifications and to make routine skincare recommendations adapted to your client.


Know how to advise men and women on accessorising their outfits according to their morphology, style and objectives to create and try out new looks.

Image Consultancy Business

Discover image consultancy business, learn to decode business terms and propose clear benefits of image consultancy through workshop with our business partners


Face-to-Face + E.Learning
You will learn how to do your own makeup and to create a makeup look adapted to your client’s objective by using the auto-makeup classes.

Client Training

Perfect your pitch to make it unforgettable. Learn to get to the point and be convincing in a record amount of time!


Face-to-Face + E.Learning
Learn how to determine your client's face shape to offer them the best haircut, taking into account the nature of the hair, colours analysis and objectives.

Boot Camp

A day dedicated to the preparation of the certification with a scenario.

Verbal & Non Verbal Communication

Learn all the keys and master the art of verbal and non-verbal communication to know how to decrypt and acquire greater ease when speaking.

Business Strategy

Put into place your business strategy through use of a business model, making yourself stand out in your future career.

Pitching Your Project

Perfect your pitch to make it unforgettable. Learn to get to the point and be convincing in a record amount of time!

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to

  • Be confident identifying body shapes and knowing the clothes to suit them

  • Match garments, accessories and trends to a client’s colouring and objectives

  • Match hairstyling, makeup to client’s face shapes, skin tone & style.

  • Help your client to express his personality through image & style.

  • Understand how to assemble looks within budget constraints

  • Work with a range of clients and conduct consultations with coaching tools.

  • Use techniques to clear the wardrobe’s client to explore ideas and looks

  • Conduct a successful personal shopping session

  • Receive tips and trips from accomplished image consultants & experts in the field

  • Receive personal feedback on you assignments from the tutors

  • Gain a valuable insight into the image consulting profession, and how to become a successful image consultant.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at those planning to change their career path, showing an interest in or having knowledge of the world of consultancy, business, communication, aesthetics, retail or hairstyling.

This course is also suitable if you are working in, or seek to work in the fashion industry as a image consultant/ personal stylist / personal shopper. It will also benefit those currently studying fashion, or for those who plan to go on to develop their own fashion brands.

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If after participating at the first distance training videoconference session, you consider that you have chosen the wrong school, that you have not made the right choice to make your projects a reality, that the program or even our philosophy did not suit you; It’s simple, you give us the course materials as well as all the material we have given you and we will send you a full refund of the sums you have paid; without any other condition.


Internet access is essential in order to follow the courses in video conference. Once your contract is signed, you will be able to access to your personal space on our student platform for the whole course duration

Kit Colours Analysis

Colour charts, colour harmonies, complete chromatic wheel and set of materials.

4 and 12 season draping set ESR method.

Mood boards, body shapes boards, customer support canvas, style wheel.

KIT Makeup by MAC 

Short Courses

Learn and master the fundamentals of fashion & styling


From Culture to Style


Or 3 interest-free instalments of £165


Psychology of Fashion


Or 3 interest-free instalments of £150


Luxury Fashion Business


Or 3 interest-free instalments of £165

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