How to embrace body shapes with image consulting?

How to embrace body shapes with image consulting?

Let’s talk about body shapes…

If you are an image consultant and you come up with a disruptive consulting process, you can’t go through the body shapes analysis stage without a – almost complete – deconstruction of how this service is traditionally done.

This is perhaps one of the most difficult steps for some clients. We are talking here of facing the real mirror, of managing what “can and cannot” dress, of imposed rules that question the beauty of bodies. Here we find the frustration of clients who “dream of wearing a crop top”, but who say they don’t have the ideal body for it. There are many pains and limitations that women have related to their bodies and the possibilities that clothing offers.

When the purpose of the counselling service is to go much further than dressing, guiding self-esteem and self-love, it is essential that everything be re-meant: tools used , approach and active listening. But, in addition, the main thing is to question the need for visual corrections and aesthetic balance for your client.

That’s right, dear consultant. If you wish to breathe new life into this focus, you must also leave aside aesthetic balance, the rules of “lengthening, increasing and decreasing”, and understanding the moment and the relationship of your client with the body silhouette itself. Encouraging them to accept themselves and allowing them to use the items they want, even if it is not the “standard indication” of their body shapes. This is the ideal path for this stage.

Body shapes: learn more about the ESR methodology.

At ESR, our methodology addresses the “mirror technique”. We eliminate the measure and, on the contrary, put our bodily positive band into play. In addition, we listen to the wishes of clients on the wearing of certain pieces, going beyond studies on body shapes. Starting with the teaching that in addition to dressing well, you must first love and accept yourself. We value the positives, deconstruct inaccessible bodies and do our best to deliver what was previously unimaginable for them. And this is our main achievement: a methodology that deconstructs the culture of the label, values ​​differences and reinforces personalisation.

When we choose to be a positive vehicle for transforming the lives of others, our performance begins to make more sense. Giving ourselves self-confidence and true client development is a never-ending road. It is not something easier, on the contrary, it requires a lot of study, dedication, tools and differentiated methodology.

It is a deconstruction and an acceptance which are above all ours. In practice, it’s even more rewarding. We are sure of it and we say it knowingly. ESR is always there to think differently, to do differently and to bring that look that matches our identity.

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Text Vandressa Pretto – Director ECOLE BRASIL

Coaching benefits in the Image Consulting Process

Coaching benefits in the Image Consulting Process

Coaching is a personal development methodology, with a set of techniques that allow the individual to achieve his goals. It can be used in the most different fields and uses neuro linguistic programming techniques (NLP), positive psychology, action training, among others, always in a personalized way by adapting to each individual objective and belief. This is why SELF-KNOWLEDGE is one of the 5 advantages of coaching in the image consulting process.

In image consulting, coaching is a powerful ally because it helps us to obtain more in-depth information on the true objectives, beliefs and values ​​of the client. For this reason, ESR image consulting training goes far beyond creating a stylish look with the right colours. We work alos on the client’s personal development. When we realize that image can be a vector for instrumental transformation, we realize how coaching techniques can really improve the process in this direction.

Benefits of Coaching for Image Consulting

Among the advantages of coaching applied to image consulting, we work with:

SELF-KNOWLEDGE: the tools are conducive to self-knowledge. Thanks to effective questions and techniques, coaching brings questions that the client often does not ask, such as: their tastes, the analysis of their choices when dressing, their priorities.

SELF-ESTEEM: Gaining self-esteem, thanks to coaching techniques, also occurs in several ways. One is non-judgment – the basic premise of this methodology. The emphasis on the positive, the respect for the taste of the customer are also applied through the techniques, in a specific way, and which guarantee this advantage. By identifying the style and their tastes, the customer begins to see themselves as a unique person, without the external labels and thus begins to appreciate and understand what makes sense to them.

AUTONOMY: the coaching process encourages, through its techniques, autonomy, personal responsibility. Which in the end serves all aspects of our lives. It can be learned in image consulting, but in fact it affects all aspects of the lifestyle.

FOCUS ON THE OBJECTIVE: the whole coaching process is based on achieving a goal. In the case of image consulting, we can even have several. Of course, sometimes this definition of a goal is not simple, so it is accompanied by a process of self-knowledge.

We also consider that we do not build an image at random, or simply on the basis of external factors – like Fashion. Indeed it is important that your client is seen, perceived by others for what he really is and that he realizes the benefits on his lifestyle.

IN ACTION: Coaching strengthens us and provides us with guidelines for action. The movement of change, of action, allows us to feel a sense of accomplishment and ownership in transformation and improvement.

We have become agents of our image construction. And it is one of the coaching techniques in this process, often used. These are some of the results of the image consulting process, based on the coaching methodology.

Creating the image with coaching techniques means understanding that we are working with personal development, using clothing as a means of expression. This is why it is important to understand them well and master them in order to be able to apply them perfectly. In this process, our communication goes far beyond the verbal, and empathy and connection are essential. Therefore, the more the resources improve our performance in this regard, the better the results.

5 tips to build a real personal image while being true to your personality

5 tips to build a real personal image while being true to your personality

ESR thanks to image consulting and in-depth work, helps you to build
your personal image and translate who you really are through clothes.

To help you in this process, we have put together 5 tips:

Learn to listen to yourself and understand yourself.  What do you like, what are your values, what makes sense to you?  Think about who
you are in essence, what your personality translates of you.  It may
sound simple, but usually when we stop defining who we are, it takes a
long time, it might be unclear.  Try to draw your own conclusions.

Knowing who you are is the first step towards building a real,
authentic image, which really translates your personality.  In our
training, we use coaching techniques so that the client can enjoy
being herself.

Understanding the context
Separate your life from the different roles you have: at home, at work
but also as a Mother, as a spouse, as a friend. How is your life?
Your routine? Your social, professional environment?  Which values
​​are important?

What is your objective?
What would you like to communicate through your image?  What would you
let perceive from the first seconds?  What skills need to be revealed,
and what weaknesses would you prefer hiding?  Remember: your image
communicates, and getting the right message across is fundamental to
build your image.

Technical informations
Another important aspect of training. After all, how is this
non-verbal communication going? These are lines, shapes, colors,
textures, a combination of these designs, elements that speak for us,
through the image.

Consistency and maintenance
Pay attention to results, ask for feedback from people who live
together while making the necessary adjustments.  Being coherent in
both verbal and non-verbal communication are fundamental aspects to
solidify the projected image.

If we ignore who we are while building our personal image, we are
reflecting the wrong image, without credibility. This is because the
body language does not lie.  There is no point in communicate elegance
and intelligence, my gesture posture have to be in harmony to reflect

Another fatal error: when there is no correspondence between
non-verbal and verbal language.  This dissociation is the flaw of a
successful image.

This is why, once again: self-knowledge, the value of strengths, the
adaptation of the image. The importance of nor being in a
representation of yourself but to being in harmony with who you truly